Evolution Of Machinery

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A quick look around any home will demonstrate that human beings are all dependent on machinery to some degree for the regular processes of our daily lives. Even cultures such as the Amish, famous for eschewing technology, still depend on many types of machines in order to live.

That's because machines, and our ability to use them, are probably the basic thing that sets human beings apart from almost all animals. A machine does not have to be a ten storey crane, Deming built pump, or a telecommunications device. Machines are defined as any devices which use energy in order to perform some kind of work.

Although that is the official definition, the fact is that some of our most important machines, the ones which we have built our human societies upon, do not actually need energy in order to work. These are known as the simple machines, and were the first to be used by humans. They include the wheel, screw, wedge, pulley, and a few others.

These machines were used to overcome human weaknesses in order to help us live in an easier manner with our environment. However, their basic forms eventually gave the innovative amongst our ancestors ideas as to how these shapes could be enhanced in order to actually allow us to manipulate our environments. Thus, machines such as the water wheel and other instruments which helped us increase our generated force became prominent players on the cultural stage.

These earlier advanced machines eventually began to be used as power generators, which of course would lead to the industrial revolution. Using test weights, experimentation, and common goods, energy supplies were developed which allowed humans to far overreach our natural capacities.

In turn, these energy sources led to new ideas in machinery which would help humans exploit them. Inventions such as the steam engine and steam power, electricity, and so on all contributed to the development of further energy sources and ever more complex machines.

The result, of course, is what you see all around you today. From the clock on your wall to the computer you are using to read this article, machines are all around us. They contain relatively simple components such as gears and pulleys to incredibly high tech inner workings encased in heat shrink sleeves which only a handful of people on Earth truly understand.

Machines today have applications in everything from household cleanliness to human health and beauty. The evolution of laser energy and machines which can harness it has led to procedures such as laser hair removal and laser eye repair, procedures which we now consider common.

Edmonton liposuction clinics use a machine which is based on the idea of the vacuum in order to perform their tasks, combined with surgical equipment that stems directly from the sewing machine. And, of course, we all get around thanks to the use of the modern day equivalent of the chariot.

Machines have evolved over time so that what is in common use today has little or no resemblance to those our ancient forebears first used, but there is nonetheless an undeniable link between them. Machines have evolved along with humans from one thing to the next over the course of our history. Here at Industry Store, it's a topic we love to explore!

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Thursday, September 29, 2016